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Seven Bulls Games is an indie game studio focused on developing awesome mobile games.

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1.1.68 Counter Attack Update

Counter Attack 3D – Update 1.1.68 is LIVE!

Counter Attack Update 1.1.68 is LIVE on Apple and Google Play! Hurry up and update your game!!! iOS Link : goo.gl/lh81i1 Google Play Link : goo.gl/RCEX4W Update contains: – Graphics settings added. You can tweak the texture quality, anti aliasing, turn ON/OFF blood, environments effects, decals and more – You now can turn ON/OFF Music&Sound […]

Counter Attack 3D update

Counter Attack 3D – Update is coming next week!

Counter Attack update is coming next week, we can’t wait to share it with you!

Counter Attack 3D

Counter Attack 3D – Update 1.1.66 will be delayed

Update 1.1.66 will be delayed with 3 weeks at least :/ We are deeply sorry for that. However keep in mind that our team is very small only 3 people and we are working 24/7 to bring you the update faster. You will ask what’s left? Here it is: 1) We still are making the […]

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